Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gentlemen......start your engines

well busy season is so close I can smell it-or should I say taste it (chicken in a sack ).
I've gotten all the rustic Autumn jars finished and they're adorable ;0)
I honestly cannot wait for open house, I like to see the look on all your faces when you see the new stuff-it makes me happy ;0)

I'm working on adding a couple of shows to my line up , but I'm not getting carried away-I need to keep those shops well stocked ya' know !

Drats !! I hate to say it but I'm already thinking about my Christmas line :0(
Unfortunately, those of us in this business have to stay ahead of the seasons to keep up with the shoppers-it makes no sense to me either, but I'm not the one who made it this way.

Just a little FYI-I am going to be discontinuing a few scents soon because of costs and also because they don't seem to be moving very well.One of them will be Early House,
for some strange reason no one likes it ?! It's Pumpkin walnut biscotti, I used to call it Woolen Mill then I changed it to Early House and folks still don't seem to jump on it ?! Oh well

This has been an ultra tough year for me and my fellow business associates-but we are strong chicks and we WILL get through this ;0)

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Hi all, I'm so glad you've found me !!

I've created this blog for you, my customers, as a way to stay in touch and for you to see the new items that I've created-sort of a "sneak peak" ;0)

I will be adding pictures and show info in the days to come, as well as open house info and special sale opportunities .
I am currently looking into setting up shop at my home, but I haven't found the right building .
I would love to have an open house now, but space doesn't allow for that at the moment so you'll have to wait.

I've got so many cool things coming for the Fall/Wynter season that I can hardly wait to see you at the shows !

I have just finished an exclusive line of candles for the Springhouse in Zoar, they will be available the end of August.

Please shop locally and by all means-BUY AMERICAN
God Bless