Monday, May 31, 2010

Living a simple life

I just love summer, the cookouts and fun times with family...there's nothing better.
This year I'm going to spend alot of time with mine,I'm way past due . I've spent these past several years burying myself in my work, doing shows and just generally being way too busy.
What was it all for ? Sure I met alot of nice folks (and some not so much) and the money was great, but really was it worth being away from the people I love ? God sure has a way to open your eyes and grab ahold of you when you become too complacent in your life. Now I realize that sometimes when one door closes,another opens. So many changes have happened this past year as a result of our economy,unfortunately some of my friends and I have had to make many difficult decisions. Everything from cutting back on costs & production, getting out of the business completely or closing shops and for some of us getting back into the mainstream workforce . One thing we've all learned from this is new ways to re-invent ourselves . We're getting back-to-basics by returning to the things that stirred our artistic passion way back when we all started. Running little shops out of our homes, setting up at flea markets & small craft fairs ....Once again we're having fun !! When your work makes you miserable, it's time to rethink ...bigger isn't always better.
When I'm enjoyng the outdoors with my family I will think about all those years I spent hustling heavy boxes of candles in the August heat and be ever so thankful for the simple life