Friday, November 12, 2010

smells like Christmas Spirit

every year I feel like I'm being forced to prepare for Christmas sooner than I want , but this year's different.
I'm actually enjoying what I call "a timely preparation of the holidays". The tree's not up yet,not until after Thanksgiving people because that's how I roll.
I'm just taking my time this year and really enjoying my family because isn't that what it's all about ?
I spent a whole day with my sister poking around Amish country and visiting shops for decorating ideas.
We hardly spent a thing and it was great !!
I don't see what's so fun about buying all this stuff that you don't really need, then trying to find someplace to put it all and eventually donating it's just so silly!
I did find a few treasures but nothing that would cause Buyer's Remorse.
I also picked up "A Simple Life" magazine, the photos are absolutely beautiful and it makes me want to simplify even more !
There are some yummy recipes inside for a cabin Christmas that I plan to use .
Yep, this year we are slowing down several notches and making some wonderful memories because that's the way it should be.