Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Little Things

Yay ! We have found our future storefront right in the heart of the Arts District. It is a busy hub of activity there, not too mention a re-birth of downtown shopping as we once knew it..that is for those of us old enough to remember when all the stores were downtown B.M.(before malls). I've been on a sort of hiatus for the past few months (Obviously) kids have a sneaky way of keeping you extra busy,as well as the home that constantly needs attention. It's been nice, but now it's time to plot & plan for what's ahead. I am finally going to quit resisting and head out to some local flea and farmer's markets to unload some of this excess "Stuff" I've accumulated and or created over the past few years...besides, a little extra cash never hurt anyone ! Consignment & wholesale have spoiled me rotten. I won't lie , I've been on an emotional roller coaster for the past few weeks because I'm not sure of things ...should I continue my wax endeavors or just go get a "real" job ? maybe go to school and have endless amounts of homework for that "career" that I never had.I blame pre-menopause maybe even crafter's block .But every single time that my mind begins to run at warp speed, God steps in and shows me the way. I just got my July issue of Country Sampler magazine in the mail today, and one of my dearest customers,Diane Ward's home is featured. Well, imagine seeing something that you created with your own hands in living color on the page of a nationally recognized publication ? I feel like I've been given a breath of fresh air and it feels fabulous ! Now I want to create like mad and concoct some of the most amazing scents ever ! Thank you so much Diane and all of my customers that keep me keeping on when I want to just give up...this IS my real job and it IS my career, sometimes I just need a little reminder .