Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cabin Fever

Now that busy season is behind me,this is when I must figure out what I'm going to do with all of this "Free Time" I suddenly have ?
 Tackle the stack of decorating magazines that have been covered in dust since June ? Nah..
 Get myself into some elaborate home project ? Uhmm, nope !
Find that list of ideas I made during busy season I said I would work on when I had the time ?    Where did I put that list ?
Catch up on my blog that I've neglected for oh so many months ? YES !!!

This is probably the lowest time of the year for those of us in the trade.
We either spend this time planning well for the new year or we start reeling in fear of how we are going to stay afloat financially until people are able to get out to the shops and spend their money's a vicious circle friends.
In a perfect world I would live on a farm with many acres and a huge barn, no, make that 2 huge barns !
One for my candle making and the other for a shop.
Oh that shop would be filled with all sorts of gorgeous vintage pieces and lots of great primitives, handmade beauties and great smelling candles galore !
I would awake from a great night's sleep and pour myself a delicious cup of fresh brewed coffee *note that this coffee magically made itself*
I would then begin my day as shop keep/candle maker ,welcoming all into the shop and selling out every single day !
The reality is, this NEVER happens, not even for the pros ,like Junk Gypsies and American Pickers. We have only had our doors open for 6 months and it's frustrating, sometimes depressing,waiting for people to find you and come back again and again.

I know these things take time, but UGH !! I've been lying awake so many nights with my thoughts racing from one thing to the next,trying to come up with a Master Plan to get me through the next few months until things pick up.
I wish that I could say I've come up with a brilliant idea, but I haven't .
 I suppose that I will pour myself into the promotion of my business any way that I can.
Mostly by networking with other businesses and taking advantage of "Freebies". Because when you're a small business, there's not much of a budget for advertising , especially when that money could be put into supplies. I still love my job, even with all of it's bumps and bruises. I will keep on keeping on until the season picks up !

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