Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eye of the Beholder

Do you ever feel as though you need to get away from your surroundings from time to time ?

I get that way quite often, more so in the long winter months. My favorite "escapes" are the days that I go poking around at the various antique malls & thrift stores. I feel so blessed to have a variety of these places in my area, that are just a hop-skip-jump away ! I'm usually not looking for anything in particular, I just enjoy seeing things that were once part of some one's home long ago and wondering how they used it. I'm sure it was out of necessity and not for decorating purposes.I'm always drawn to kitchen/diner items, my goodness there's no end to this stuff !Considering that I inherited all of my grandmother's & mother's things ,on top of all that I have "found" over the years , you would think I'd have some sort of self control purchasing anymore...HMMMM... not so much . I could fill a couple retro kitchens with what I have and then some ! I think that the reason I love this style so much is that it brings back fond memories of going to Bill's diner with my family in the 70's . I sure hope that at least one of my daughters will follow in my footsteps and want a retro kitchen of her own someday. Until then, maybe I'll see you at the Olde Stark Antiques Fair this weekend ..........

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