Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What's New ?

I've really been enjoying this weather lately. After being cooped up for what seems an eternity, I am quite overjoyed at any rays of sunshine that come bursting through the windows !
The neighbors are sending their kids outside with plastic bags to clean up all the debris left behind during "Snowmaggedon 2010". Luckily, I cleaned my yard and gardens very well during the fall and early winter months, my skills get better with each passing year. The day was cruising along nicely ,so I decided to head outdoors and feed my daughters bunnies, that way they could enjoy a little morning snack while relaxing in the sun .
Little did I know that one of the bunnies decided to "check-out" during the middle of the night and head to Bunny Heaven. Poor little guy, he crawled into his hut and went to sleep....
forever :0( If that's not bad enough, then I have to spend the rest of my day figuring out whether I should bury him myself or wait for my hubby to come home and do it. Then how to tell my little girl her bunny has died ...what's a mom to do ?! She took the news as best as can be expected for a 9 year old, her sister took care of removing the bunny and putting him into his coffin, then the family gathered for a memorial service in the backyard.
R.I.P Bun Bun, we'll miss you :0(

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  1. Oh my goodness. This post reminded me of when my kids had pretty white bunnies and they decided to feed them leaves from a near by tree. My 5 year old daughter ran to me after check on Joshua, her bunny, after school the next day and said "Mommy, something's wrong with Joshua. I think he's rusted" We had a similar memorial followed by her brothers bunny memorial a few days later. The kids have never forgotten that.
    Good to see you online. I'll add you to my blog roll.