Tuesday, June 1, 2010

They old grey mare, she ain't what she used to be

I'm trying to figure out when my body gave up on me ? I'm a pretty active gal and somewhat of a workaholic, I hardly eat any sweets so what gives ?? Lately I've been on a walking kick, because it's about the only exercise I can still do and not injure myself too much.

I love it ! On nice days I put on my walking shoes and grab my MP3 player and head to the park, it has a wonderful walking track that's a mile and a half around. On an average day I usually do 2 laps= 3 miles, if I'm feeling extra festive I'll do 4 laps =6 miles.

This park also has a national monument on the other side, McKinley monument.

One day I decided to venture to the other side and try walking the steps up to the monument, I have a few friends who are quite athletic and they enjoy running up & down these steps.They've suggested that I should add it to my routine....I think my friends are trying to do me in.

Did you know that there are 108 steps leading up to the monument ? YES 108 !! The first 2 levels of stairs are pretty simple,but it's those last 2 levels that are a killer. Once I made it to the top,my head was spinning and I was out of breath. I had the sudden urge to lie down on the pavement but I was afraid of what the tourists would think, and I sure didn't want anyone snapping pictures of me ! My daughter was with me and of course made it to the top way before I did. I don't know if it was the fact that my face was the color of a bright red apple or that I was nearly on my knees gasping for air that concerned her. I reassured the girl that I was quite fine, once I recovered from the enjoyment that I just experienced. After I was able to breathe normally,we walked around the monument looking over the park and all the trees and flowers,just enjoying the moment.Then it was time for us to make the trip back down, she suggested that it would be more fun if we slide down the side of the stairs. Let me tell you that was the best workout ever !

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