Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Long Time No See

wow, this summer just flew right on by didn't it ?
seems like one day you're getting the flower beds ready for spring planting & the next you're cleaning up and mulching for fall.
I just finished another year of Atwood Fall Fest and I'm so glad it's behind me.
Don't get me wrong, I love fall fest otherwise I wouldn't do it, but I think my body's trying to tell me to slow down a bit and that I'm no longer 26...DARN IT !
Most folks don't realize how much work goes into doing a 3 day show, especially a festival.
There's a lot of planning & preparation that goes into your booth when you want to present your craft in such a way that entices people to come in and have a look- see. I still scribble ideas in my college ruled notebooks,which by the way I buy in bulk ! I think that over the winter months I'm going to curl up with my stack of notebooks and sketch some ideas for next years shows and plan my schedule accordingly . I have a few primitive shows in mind that I would love to do, as long as time & money allow.
I'm doing my best to scale down my scent list, but it's very difficult because I love so many and I know there will always be a customer out there that cannot possibly live without that scent.I promise I will choose wisely.Now if I would just take my time when loading / unloading that truck...maybe my back wouldn't hurt for a month .

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  1. Hey!! How'd ya do at Atwood......missed chattin' with ya.....we had such a great time in years past!! :O) Thanks for stopping by and we'll c-ya at Sandy is that coming up quickly!!

    Happy wednesday!!