Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lazy Days of Summer ?

Whoever came up with that phrase obviously didn't own a home, let alone have much of a life . I guess if I didn't like to landscape they way I do by rescuing other folks trash from the landfills I could have some lazy days myself. But that's not going to happen anytime soon. I love my garden junk !!! Every spring I will lovingly drag out every issue of Country Living Gardener and peruse each page, making notes of what I would really love to do and what I can afford to do with my yard. Then after painstakingly crossing off all those "extras" , I have a somewhat manageable "to-do" list. I've been blessed with the ability to do a lot of "free-cycling" this year . Bricks and stone from my sister's farm, random places along country roads and huge stones & gravel from a lovely neighbor. This year I have finally tackled the yard directly in front of my porch. Once upon a time there was a large maple tree, green grass & lots of overgrown post-war shrubs, I suppose lovingly planted by the former owner & most likely war bride of her day. Fast forward to 1998...the poor tree was dead and barely clinging to life, but it's roots were costing us a fortune in drain cleaning service calls. I think the fairies who once lived there packed up and headed for better living quarters because my daughter could never seem to find them. Once the tree was removed (thank you AEP man) we were faced with another challenge...removal of the shrubs. If you have ever had to deal with these puppies, you know it ain't no picnic. So with the help of my husband,a neighbor,a large chain and a pickup truck they were swiftly dealt with. Yay a blank canvas..not quite, first I had to kill all of the grass. With the help of some super duper fast acting Roundup, the job was complete. You should've seen the look on people's faces when they passed by our home...Priceless ! After several years of small raised beds, yards and yards of mulch & weed fabric and an ever changing stage of cast away treasures from someone else's home I do believe I have finally created a garden setting worthy of a country magazine photo shoot,even if it's just a small one .

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