Wednesday, June 27, 2012

You're Not The Boss of Me

We love our cat Cinders but sometimes he can be a bit, shall we say "pushy" ? About 4 years ago my sister told me about this cute little black kitten that just showed up on her farm one day. She said "it's the cutest little thing and it loves to hang out with our chickens".
We weren't really planning on another cat, because we already had two.
Our youngest daughter didn't bond very well with the kitten she got when she was a toddler, I'm guessing it probably had something to do with her "loving" it too much every time it was within reach.

I told my girls about the "chicken kitten" knowing that .. A- they'd think it was soooo sweet and B-we would bring it home.
I took the girls down for the annual hayride & chili supper at my sister's farm, with the possibility of bringing home a new addition.
My hubby was totally against this idea, just like he is my constant rearranging of the furniture, but he wasn't with us and how could we say no ?
We walked over to the chicken coop and sure enough there was the sweetest little black kitten ever amongst the chickens.

He just melted our hearts right away !
Once daughter #2 seen that kitten she scooped him up and never put him down.
 He even went on the hayride !
My hubby even fell in love, although he was against it...or so he says.
 Our other 2 cats however were not amused, to this day they just coexist in the same house.
It's not that Cinders isn't a lover, he's just pushy !
He has to be first for everything, food ,water,treats, petting, brushing.
He even has to be first just walking through the house, I feel like I am constantly in a "Cat Parade".

When you try to move him aside he gets a wee bit testy about it.
But the one thing about him that's so amazing, he loves to fetch and volleyball his toy mouse.
This is where he and my hubby have bonded so tightly, they had too since they are out numbered by females.

We love Cinders, even if he thinks he's the boss of this house.

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